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About "Danial Moj"

We are a science-based company founded to provide optical-fiber transport, IoT solutions and equipment. Today with an experienced team of experts, the company produces and implements optics communication technologies internationally.
Our products and services encompass a wide range of needs in the communication industry. By investing in research and development, the company continues to produce state-of-the-art equipment for different fields of IoT, optics communication, and the automation industry.

We have the capability to:
• Design and produce native optics transfer systems up to 100 Gbps (and 200 Gbps) per channel and 96 optics channels with 9.6 Tbps capacity on a two-pair fiber-optic cable.
• Implement the optical transport network across more than 21 provinces in Iran and other middle east countries using equipment fabricated by DM.
• Provide CWDM and DWDM equipment compatible with different mobile carrier systems, including Iran's National Telecommunications Company.









Year of Experience









We are one of the leading companies in providing optical-fiber transport systems and optics telecommunications in the middle east.

DM has implemented the optical transport network systems across Iran and other middle east countries using DM's products. We provide the latest telecommunication technologies to build a robust wide-band communication infrastructure.

DM designs and produces native optics transfer systems up to 100 Gbps (and 200 Gbps) per channel and 96 optics channels with 9.6 Tbps capacity on a 2-core fiber-optic cable. We also provide CWDM and DWDM equipment for mobile carriers.

As a leading company in fiber optic communication technology, DM is ready to build your next generation telecommunication network.

  • Card
  • WSS
  • Amplifire
  • Muxponder
  • Tranciever Module
  • Switch
  • DCM
  • Fuse Panel
  • Rack
  • Accessories

One of DM's latest high-tech products is the multi-purpose mainboard designed to be used in a wide range of IoT applications. Embedded with versatile peripherals and capabilities, we can tailor it to your special IoT-based application from smart green homes and IoT smart hotels to smart agriculture, smart city and renewable energy generation.

Our mainboard can collect and transmit sensors' data from remote areas using robust wireless technologies within a seamlessly implemented network. Our system utilizes low-power and precise sensors with batteries that last more than 10 years. In remote areas with no power access, DM's solar-powered mainboard is the best solution. Our low-power compact and light-weight sensors and processor clear away the need for expensive large-size solar panels.

Our security and surveillance systems can efficiently address all the security requirements in sensitive applications such as airports and military . DM's reliable optic-fiber sensors require no or minimum maintenance, therefore minimize your operating costs.

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